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Electric Showers

The Perfect Solution for a Remote Shower!

Instantaneous hot water showers. Ideal for baches, offices & remote bathrooms. No hot water cylinder required.

Smart Remote Solutions

Installing a continuous flow electric shower is the perfect solution for remote bathrooms and situations where there can be unpredictable demands for hot water, making them ideal for baches, offices and sports clubs.

With Triton electric showers, water is heated instantly on demand, so you’ll never run out of hot water and you’ll only pay for what hot water you use.

There’s no need for a hot water cylinder and long runs of pipe which can waste water and result in heat losses. Therefore there is no stored water, saving on precious space and improving the affordability even further.

Smart Installation

The T80Z Electric heating elements located in the main unit operate at a constant rate at your chosen power setting. The rate of the water passing through the heater determines the water temperature. The slower the flow the hotter the water becomes; the faster the flow, the cooler the water.

During winter the mains water supply will be cooler than in summer, so the flow rate will vary between seasons at any one temperature setting.

Therefore at different times of the year you may have to adjust the position of the temperature control/dial to maintain your desired water temperature.

Multiple cable entry points

Multiple water entry points

Installation Guidelines

Only connect unit to a 230v – 240v AC supply. The electrical supply must be adequate for the loading of unit and existing circuit. The shower must be connected to its own independent electrical circuit. An isolation valve must be fitted in a convenient position in the supply pipe to allow the shower to be serviced.


We recommend all TRITON shower installations be carried out by qualified tradespeople, and in accordance with the NZ Building code, trade regulations and the TRITON installation guide.

The Range

T80Z Fast-Fit Electric Shower

The T80Z Fast-Fit has multiple cable and water entry points located to the left and right side of the unit ensure easy fitting.

  • Ideal size and shape for replacement installations
  • Rub clean shower head with five different spray patterns
  • Stylish riser rail kit with adjustable fixing brackets
  • Push button Start/ Stop to select your favourite shower setting every time
  • Swing-Fit™ – Terminal for left and right cabling
  • Swivel-Fit™ – A 180° fully reversible swivel water inlet that accommodates water connections from either the left or right hand side of the unit to aid installation

RRP - $695

T60X Electric Shower

An entry level, value for money shower, combining simple design with easy to use functionality. If you are looking for a low cost shower with minimalist styling but the functionality of higher value showers, then this is the shower for you. Separate temperature and power controls and a low pressure indicator provide functionality to this shower.

  • Low pressure indicator – operates when the water pressure is insufficient
  • Separate power and temperature control dials
  • Rub clean shower head – Single spray pattern
  • Two year parts and labour guarantee 

RRP - $499


A. The ideal applications for these units are extensions, granny flats, work/office places, sleep outs or holiday homes especially if you do not want to spent thousands of dollars on hot water systems for the dwelling.

A. We recommend all Triton Showers installations be carried out by a qualified tradesperson in accordance with the NZ Building Code, Trade Regulations and the Triton installation Guide.

A. Unfortunately, no. The Tritons are designed for shower use only. Any alteration or reconfiguring of the units may cause damage and void product warranties and guarantees.

A. No, Triton showers heat the water themselves only needing a cold-water supply on installation.

A. Minimum supply pressure – 1 bar (100 kpa). Maximum supply pressure – 10 bar (1000 kpa)

A. Yes, the Triton Shower has a IPX4 splash proof rating.

A. The maximum inlet water temperature must be 28 degrees and the minimum is 2 degrees.

A. The water connection point is a standard 15mm.

A. The flow rate is approx. 6L/Minute depending on temperature settings.

A. A standard 230v – 240V electrical supply. Consult your local Registered Electrician for criteria and installation costs.

A mains pressure cold water supply. Consult with your local Certifying plumber for criteria and installation costs.

A. No, any alteration of the fixtures and fittings supplied will potentially void and warranties and/or guarantees as it could cause failure of the units.

A. No, the triton showers are designed to be installed into a shower cubicle internally.

A. There is a domestic use 2 year warranty from the date of purchase.

Where to Buy


To contact Triton please call Parex Industries at 0800 200 510, then select from the following:

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For more information on Triton Shower product call Parex Industries Limited on Phone: 0800 200 510 Email: info.parex@whirlpool.com Hour of business – Monday – Friday, 8am – 5pm